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Site dedicated to the BMW E36.

A terrific way to plan any trip. Enter information below for a personalized itinerary showing your route, time and mileage. Use link above if you want to take a scenic route through one of the states or select from a few enroute facilities.
Origination City
Origination State
Destination City
Destination State
How Far is It?
Gives distance (as the crow flies) between 2 cities. Enter city and state abbreviation (e.g. miami, fl).
International Travel and Health
Guidance on the health risks likely to be encountered at specific destinations and associated with different types of travel.

Lonely Planet
Before taking a trip, enter your destination in the box below. A treasure trove of in-depth information on every country imagineable. Slide shows, maps, environmental information, facts at a glance, travellers facts, attractions and events are just a few of the items you will find for most entries.
The industry standard for online maps. Wherever your travels take you, just enter the city name or state. A map is returned and you can zoom in or out right down to street names, or pan North, East, South, or West. Print it out and you're on your way to your destination with map in hand.
Zip Code
A comprehensive Railroad directory. Fast and easy access to thousands of rail-related sites.
An interactive travel agency directory. Enter your destination to find travel specials.
Trip Advisor
Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, and travel packages for thousands of destinations around the world. Enter your destination to begin your search.
Yahoo! Maps
Excellent maps provided by Yahoo! Features zoom in and out, pan N, E, S, W, and diagonals. Also allow you to save your locations and get driving directions.
City, State or Zip
Yahoo! Travel
Specialized Yahoo! Travel section.
Yahoo! Travel Directory
Search Yahoo! travel directory sites.

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